I've decided to turn my website into a poem.

after looking at a few artist websites,

I've thought to start fresh, just with text this time.

and after a few more websites,

I began to change mine, to try and show who I am.

because after all, the site is my name.


website may not be mobile-friendly



only yesterday or yesterday once more?

I miss my old website.


how it used to be

with pictures and sound.


but after looking around, I thought maybe I could offer a break.







but the cat walks along the pizza clock blinded by the sun reflecting off a water bottle




here's a chair, are we infirm yet?

what if the site was interactive, where you could drag an image above or below a line.

the space in between each line, the space where I imagine.




who is the audience

late at night you
are making something
this is crazy
you think to
yourself rest
tomorrow morning
come back with
fresh eyes

now what do you see





I see passageways in the dark
up there, there could be more
around them. surrounded by
black light, bits of yellow still
above from the window's view













the space where I imagine your website. where it is you.

if possible, underwater photography could be of use.

if it's impossible, we can get a professional.

and if it's on the news, what do we do?


rolling on the hardwood
foam roller under the
belly of the world
stacked bricks curve
like a bedsheet draped
to create the fortress sun
shines through it for a bit
two sets of sunglasses worn
to take pictures of a crowd
taking pictures of a house
with a billowing cloud setting
over the horizon behind the building
set to explode with glare
while the scent of lavender travels
in air brings you tears if
shutters creating a puff
for the cat to play
with blinking light



people left




after talking to my family on the phone,


I fell fast asleep for long.

what if I've made a mistake,